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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Optimize Resource Allocation with Computer Lab Hardware Tracking

As a college or a university, you must ensure optimum utilization of your hardware resources. Your students and staff should be able to find the nearest available system when they want it. But this can get tricky due to varied student timings and lab positioning. If your students aren't able to find resources when they need them and where they need them - it might affect their learning curve and hinder growth. 

Thankfully, there's an option. With LabStats' computer lab hardware tracking, you can consolidate data across campus into a single dashboard and publish it on cloud-based services. 

Regardless of how advanced your hardware is - it's useless unless found at the right time by students. LabStats' Power BI dashboard displays the complete framework of real-time availability of your computers across campus. Students can analyze the nearest available system and reduce wait times. With LabStats, you get even hardware usage across campus leading to greater student satisfaction. 

What can you do with Computer Lab Hardware Tracking?

With LabStats, you can:

·        View the nearest available operating system and IT hardware (printers and scanners)

·        Display lab hours

·        Provide software support 

·        Display the lab manager's desk

·        Track hardware usage across the campus

·        Analyze which systems aren't working and need to be replaced

·        Reallocate hardware based on peak usage hours and location

Give your Students the Ease to Find Resources When & Where they Want

Start your free trial today or schedule a walkthrough to see the benefits of integrating LabMaps into your university computer labs.


Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to support@labstats.com to get in touch.   


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