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Divorce Lawyers Helping You and Your Family Start Again

If you're getting a divorce and are looking for divorce lawyers in Orange County to represent you, Lopez Scca can help. Our lead attorney Dolores Lopez can help negotiate a settlement with your ex-spouse, prepare and file legal paperwork, and represent your interests at court to ensure you get the best possible outcome you deserve. From beginning to end, our divorce lawyers in Orange County will strive to achieve all that you're entitled to. 


Requirements for Divorce in California 

Couples need to fulfill basic requirements before filing for divorce in California. The spouse filing for divorce must be a resident of California for at least 6 months, as well as a resident of the County where the petition is filed for at least 3 months. Being a no-fault state, California doesn't require either party to establish wrongdoing. Neither party has to be at fault for divorce. This means the divorce will be granted even if the other spouse doesn't wish it to end. The petitioning spouse can simply cite irreconcilable differences or mental incapacity to obtain a divorce. 


Contact Us

Get in touch with the experienced divorce lawyers in Orange County who understand the law and can defend your rights till the end. Our Certified Family Law Specialists have more than two decades of experience in navigating complex divorce and family law disputes. 


Call (714) 733-7065 or email info@lopezscca.com to schedule a free consultation with our divorce lawyers in Orange County to discuss your case today. 


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